After the dramatic U.S. Presidential election, I thought I’d bring a little love and positivity to your life.

First things first, you’re beautiful the way you are and no one person or thing can ever change that. Now that that’s out of the way… Let’s take a rather sharp turn…

Kelowna’s homeless population is quite vast. It’s not hidden, nor should it be, and that’s sparked quite a few discussions between me and Michael.

We have a lot of “stuff”

HAHA no, we’re not rich. We’re not “well-off”. We certainly have our own large sums of debt. But I’m going to come right out and say it. We grew up rather spoiled… we’re still pretty spoiled. Not that any tantrums were thrown, but given the places we lived and the families we grew up in, there was never a shortage of “stuff” when we wanted or even when we didn’t. And don’t get me wrong, I’m forever grateful for that because somehow I also always knew the value of a dollar. And what it means to help those in need. Volunteering is a large passion of mine, but instead of listing off all the things I’ve done- because that’s tacky and not humbling in any way whatsoever- I’m going to tell you what we’ve decided to do… and I hope you do it too!

Food bank advent calendars 

From working with various organizations around the holidays, I have a pretty good sense of what they need and what they don’t. Who gets left out and who gets all the toys imagineable. And no this doesn’t just have to be done around Christmas time.

I saw this stunning idea on the internet, and I thought instead of buying myself a chocolate bar or having my bed bath and beyond lotions sit under my sink for more than a year (because I’m a hoarder) why don’t I give them to someone who needs it. Needs it right now.

Thus begins our own kind of advent calendar … I wanted to start it in November, because we are doing it in the spirit of the holidays and if we did it normal advent style, the donations would be too late for Christmas Day. So here’s the little set up I’ve made in our kitchen… just so we don’t forget! 

clearly I didn’t get the artistic side in the family

Now that we have some essentials out of the way, we want to focus on food. Healthy, nourishing, good food for people in need.. and maybe a couple toys for the kiddies! Oh! And socks!

I urge and encourage you to do the same! You don’t have to wrap up a big box or write out a calendar, but maybe have a bag hanging out in your kitchen where every so often something donateable gets put into it. You’d be wildly amazed at the things you don’t actually need and the things that can be put to good use by people who can’t afford or just never had those things.

We’re doing this for the Kelowna Salvation Army. Who are you doing it for?!