Are you tired of the same old routine? Do you find yourself falling into the same, dull pattern? LOL. I hate that i started this piece like that, but I had to leave it in for the cheese factor. 


As much as I protest most change and am adamant about the fact that I despise change. I really don’t. It’s actually become quite clear over the past, what, year? That I thrive on change. On something new and something different. Whether that’s a new job, a new interest or hey, a new province! 

When I shared with you how much I realized the whole ten year planning thing wasn’t for me in my earlier blog, I also clearly discovered my hate for change had somewhat disappeared. I no longer fear the future, the next ten years or the journey I’m supposed to be on. I realized what I feared was being too planned. Too stuck in my ways. I was terrified and having panic attacks because I felt like I had already placed myself on a safe and planned out journey and I was mortified that if anything unexpected came up I would be unable to handle it. 


Straight up, flat out, no. Rebecca Lynn, you’re living in fear of change when our world is ever evolving? Bullshit. You’re living in full fledged fear of never travelling outside of the box. And that is why, my friends, I’m challenging you! Challenging you to do ONE NEW thing a day. This does not have to be complicated, this does not have to be Lulu Lemon’s “do one thing that scares you a day” slogan. This is something simple to keep the spice- you deserve- in your life. 

Take a new way home from work! Listen to a new radio station! Strike up a conversation with a stranger! Call an old friend! Sleep in a few extra minutes! Forget lunch! Go OUT for lunch! 

And then reflect on it

It would be like super cool if in the comments you could tell me the one new thing you did that day. Or if you could make yourself a little note in your phone. Anything to remind you you’re so, so not boring and neither is your life! I’m telling you, these are simple simple things we’re forgetting we have FULL control over because we’re slowly positioning ourselves into a routine. If we are already are in that safety blanket!  The cookie-cutter 9-5 routine* we dreamed about as kids! Yes! We DREAMED about this. The relationships, the house, the kids, the cars. It will COME if you want it to, but staaaap for the love of God trying to push yourself into the mold that is society. Okay here I go off on a tangent about society again… I’m done for now. 

Moral of the story, try one new thing a day for .. let’s say a week for now. If it feels good, try a month! And then who knows… Maybe you’ll find yourself on the road less traveled 😉 

*Pls note if you work a 9-5 job I’m not hating on you, I’m probably a little jealous. 

Here’s a pic w/ me and my new motto/ something I should stop doing once every day, hehe: