This one’s for you, Ma!

As I sit here and write this I am overwhelmed with emotion.

I didn’t know if I would have the guts to put this out on the internet, but hey here it is and I guess it’s here to stay.

It’s no secret to my fam, they know they’re getting them every year so I’ll just explain it to the others… My grandparents and my mother get a homemade calendar from me and my sisters every Christmas. We all do our best to collect pictures throughout the year to hopefully be placed in what seems like mini time capsules. As I rummage through my mother’s Facebook to save some of her pictures to use, I’m overwhelmed.

She. Is. Brilliant. 

I wish there were more extraordinary words to describe her, because that’s exactly what she is, extraordinary. I’m clicking through pictures of her summiting mountains, facing her fears head on and looking absolutely, excuse my language, fucking ravishing. She’s glowing. She is happy. What a sight. Seeing a genuinely happy person is something you should NEVER take for granted. It’s beautiful. It’s emotional. It’s everything you’d imagine and hope happiness would be. Here’s just a sample of the photos I flipped through- they’re all back to back to back. Try and tell me this didn’t put a smile on your face:

I think the scenery definitely helps ;). But LOOK AT HER. Is this only astonishing to me because I know my mother? Or because I get to say GUYS, LOOK AT HER, THAT’S MY MOM! You know that obnoxious mom screaming for her kids in the crowd? I FEEL LIKE THAT WITH MY MOM. And yes, she was also the mom in the stands screaming for us. She still is.

She’s the greatest human in the world to me. Just like I hope your moms or mother figures are to you. I could go on with all the sappy stuff you already know like how thoughtful and caring she is. Or I could say things like I only wish to be half the mother she is. Or I’m grateful for every little thing, including that very big job of carrying me around for nine months. But that’s the stuff we word vomit all over social media on her birthday and Mother’s Day. I’ll just end it there, hopefully in a place we can all agree makes us the happiest campers to have had or still have a mother like her. 

In case you needed a reason for this post… 

I’m not great with face to face love, in fact I can be quite cold as a human. Probably because I’m scared of what I’ll get in return. But I’ve recently realized I can use my writing to express my feelings (emotional and not so emotional), my views, my anything. Writing just makes sense to me. So thank you, for embarking on this blogging journey with me. My posts won’t always be so mushy and gushy. But I just needed my mom to know, that even though I’m a little brat most of the time. I often bawl over how f**king amazing she is. It’s mind blowing. Amen to that.