Is saying because it’s free and easy too cliche? Okay well no, it’s not free. But the free-dom is priceless!

This company continues to make waves. Continues to light my fire and continues to impress me. Why? They’re authentic. They started from the bottom, NOW WE HERE. But they’re also hella humble. Excited for what’s next and not pushing things too hard. It’s really grown organically, and although their guerilla marketing is top notch (I should know, promo code is TIMTAM btw) word of mouth has done them a lotta good. So here’s my TOP 5 REASONS I TRAVEL WITH FREE AND EASY: (I’m going to do it counting backwards because that’s way more climactic.)


Okay let’s really start from the ground up here. When I first decided to take this leap and head out to the great unknown I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I talked to a few friends who had been on a few trips and I had heard this name get thrown around quite a bit, FnEZ. How do you say it? Eff-n-ee-zee? Eff-nez? eff-n-ee-z? Whatever it was, I had to find out more. So I sent them a quick e-mail! Yo, heard good things about LTC 40, what’s the deal? And I wanna say if not that same day, then very shortly after did I have a kick ass, personal message delivered right to my inbox. Imagine that, a real human taking your world travels seriously. Throughout the whole lead up to the trip it was consistently reassuring and encouraging. #Blessed


Or as FnEZ calls it- the family. I’m basically just going to go along my whole journey in a sense. A month or two before the trip, we got an email from our leaders. A heart-felt, amped up letter about what to expect, what we’ll need etc. etc. Again, this curbed any fears or hesitations I ever had. Then there was the Facebook page, which is probably to this day my favourite Facebook group I’ve ever (am still) been part of. They’re consistently active on it! This was about a year and a half ago now and we all still talk like we’re in the same floating bungalow. On the trip, they were stars. One of the most memorable moments for me was at the very beginning of my journey when I got off the plane in Bangkok- after a full day of traveling, not really knowing what I was doing- and was welcomed with open arms/ the best hugs by Shayla and Eric.

Just try and top that. Their spirit’s are glowing, I can’t say enough good things about them. They do anything and everything they can to make your trip exactly how you wanted and m o r e. P.s. they’re all like this. I’m envious AF of human beings like that.


But wasn’t it a group, Rebecca? Wasn’t it all planned, Rebecca? Okay here’s what was really planned- your accommodations and travel. At no time did I feel forced to do anything. At no time did I feel like I was holding anyone back by doing something or doing nothing at all. Again, emphasis on the leaders saying “it’s your trip” and “do what feels right with your body.” We didn’t always have to be together or wake up at the crack of dawn to go on an eight hour walking tour, but there were things planned if we wanted to go do them and the leaders made sure they gave us a plethora of options with a plethora of information. *Although we didn’t have to do everything together, we usually did, because the 14 of us were obsessed with each other.*



Authentic. That’s what comes to mind when I think about my trip. I know, I know, LTC 40 is planned the same for everyone. But okay, no it’s not. Sometimes it’s done the reverse way — start in Cambodia and work your way up. Sometimes you decide you don’t want to do the cooking class or go to a show or go out to the bar every night. So no, actually, eat your words. Everyone’s trip is entirely  different. You may travel to the same countries, that’s about it. And maybe I’m being naive, but hey, at least it feels original. I didn’t feel like I was following the same itinerary how many hundreds of people had done in the past. With a little push from the group, from our leaders or from the people we met it was all made up of moments I’ll cherish forever and experiences I could never ever even begin to explain.


I talked about the leaders- they’re great, but they’re also a subcategory of this category. The members on your trip. Incredible. I like to think I carry a piece of them with me everywhere I go. Seriously, we were a very close group. And the amazing connections you a) make for yourself along the way and b) FnEZ has developed in what feels like every corner of this earth. They’re legends over there! We met this amazing local named Woody when we were in Koh Chang who built his entire RastaView bar with his buddies and his bare hands on the side of a cliff. He’s an incredible bamboo tattoo artist and his heart is bigger than this earth. Tamara, a woman I met on the beach in Cambodia who painted my nails and made me a friendship bracelet. She taught herself English! One of tr ladies at Libra Guesthouse in Chiang Mai, she’s your big sister and your caring mother all wrapped into one. God lover her. Yellie, our Thai guide. She helped us out WHEREVER we went and it felt like she cared deeply for every one of us.

And last, but not least, Linda. Linda, Linda, Linda. The sassiest teen I’ve ever met, dancing up a storm on Pub Street in Cambodia, hustlin’ her bracelets to put herself through school. She is the REAL MVP.


I’m poor right now, so the traveling hasn’t been in abundance. But every thing about my trip and this company have made me want to go back. I look at their trips almost constantly and reminisce pretty daily. Free and Easy will give you all of the tools necessary to experience a trip you never thought possible. And that, my friends is my list of the top 5 reasons I travel with FnEZ.

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