One of THE hardest things about living with another human has got to be sharing my our food.


Joey, I get it! Neither does Rebecca! You have no idea how many times I’ve come home to an empty container of something and said, “Michael did you eat _____????” As if I ever told him not to eat said item. I hadn’t, I just expected him to know that was mine or I was planning to use it for something I’d be cooking later in the week. I do often expect people to be mind readers, especially people close to me. I realize that’s entirely unfair and pure nonsense, but try and tell me you don’t do the same.


The biggest dilemma I have is, how do I feed us both without me getting angry or jealous about food? In case you didn’t catch that… I take food very seriously. I often wait until Michael’s gone to open a bag of chips so I don’t have to share. And it’s not just him. I did this when I lived in residence as well. Sorry roomies, but I was eating my chips and dip in my room. If you’re lucky enough to get something off my plate…. Boyyyyyy, you better count your blessings and give me a fricken medal or something. I struggle with my eating habits, I always have. Nothing ever sticks. I can never commit to a food plan or diet or lifestyle change for more than three months max. I know clean eating etc. is benefiting me, I can see the differences, but hell I want my McDonald’s 10 pc nug meal and quarter pounder with cheese.

How am I not on my 600 lb life?

In some ways I guess I’m lucky, I don’t pack on the pounds super quickly, but I’m no string bean with a Ferrari metabolism. I could not count on both hands the amount of times I’ve tried to overhaul my eating habits. Something always gets in the way, don’t you find? Michael and I were doing really well, we had our whole month planned out in November. And then it was time to take our trip home to visit family. Well screw clean eating for the next four days I said, we’ll figure it out when we get back. Ha. Ha. HA! I’ve been eating like pure crap and throwing away my money to any fast food or pizza joint that caught my eye over the last month. It’s a fricken addiction. As I’m typing this I’m actually mortified because I’m realizing how much food- bad food- has become such a big part of my life. Am I bored? Maybe. Maybe I need to get a fricken hobby other than McDonald’s roulette.

Here’s to 2017…

I’m not saying this is a resolution, because it’s not. It just happened to fit quite nicely into this cliche of a time frame. For my 21st birthday- in September- I’m going to New Orleans. It’s been my plan and my dream to spend that special celebration with all my favourite people in such a unique and foreign (to me) destination. And guess what. For my 21st birthday, I’m gonna look DAMN FINE in a brand new wardrobe. KAY!?

*I vowed probably almost two years ago to not buy new clothes until I was happy with my body/ eating habits.
**I haven’t bought new clothes in two years.

So here’s the plan…

Here’s what I did and I’d love for you to join in!

January 1st:
I took inventory of every food/baking/cooking ingredient I had in the kitchen. Anything from oats to flour to frozen peas (well broccoli, but you get the point.) Then I made a list of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks we could make from just what we had. We could honestly probably last a couple weeks if we were super strict.

Meal prepping is hard, it’s time consuming and it’s the lazy-person’s kryptonite. But it is WORTH IT if you’re going to be spending less and ultimately eating more. Michael and I are horrible eaters. As stated previously. But often I won’t eat breakfast or lunch, then I’ll come home from work and sometimes we’ll have a proper dinner then I’ll gorge on sweets. Or sometimes we’ll go eat take out. Or sometimes I’ll skip the dinner part and just gorge on sweets! Seriously! How am I not 600 lbs! ANYWAYS. If you’re like me, just take out a note pad (it takes half an hour) write down some stuff you already have, the meals you could make and some stuff you need. Here’s some awesome- maybe not so healthy, but if you portion control it and tweak it, it’ll be fine, crock pot meals:

You get the point. If you have Pinterest, or the internet, you have no excuse.
I have no excuse!!
What’s great about most of those recipes is they usually serve about six people. So before you even plate it- if it’s for you or you and your significant other- portion it out into six plates. In my case, four of the portions will go into separate Ziploc containers for lunches pretty much for the rest of the week. Or if I plan on sharing (which clearly I usually don’t) it’ll be for the next couple of days. I realize you do not want slow cooker meals every day, but they’re easy and I’m sorry, but what’s the difference? The only thing I don’t like slow cooking is potatoes. For some reason they just do not turn out the way they do for everyone else on the internet. If you don’t want to make a weeks worth of meals on Monday, at least prepare yourself for the next day. FORCE YOURSELF TO PACK A LUNCH. Do you realize how much money and time you’ll save? No you don’t, so just trust me and do it.

January 2nd:
Often Michael and I will go grocery shopping and be bombarded by sales and deals and junk we don’t need, so I like to prepare a list and stick to it! One tip my uncle gave me a few years ago was stick to the outside aisles- pretty much everything within the aisles is junk and processed and not necessary for your new nutritious self! Also. Seriously. Do NOT, DO NOT go grocery shopping on an empty stomach! The last few times we’ve really tried to bare down and shop healthy/ budget consciously I’ve always brought my little notepad with everything I need. I write out the meals in detail so I don’t miss any ingredients. It helps to surf the web for any deals, if you’re looking for meat in Kelowna T-Bone’s is great for that! As mentioned before, we are budget conscious or we’re trying to be, so I’m sorry, but I’m not buying free-range chickens from Choice Markets or another high-priced organic supermarket. It is absolutely no offence to those grocers or the people who shop there, I honestly wish I could! Their product is fantastic! But if I want to have chicken for a month on a strict budget, I can’t afford to spend $12 on a breast or two. I just can’t. So Wal-Mart it is. Love me or hate me, you’ll still love my chicken parm! And since I work at Shoppers I get a killer discount plus I’m a hoarder of Optimum points so any produce/ frozen fruit/ sauces/ soups I need I get from there. We have what looks like three gardens in our backyard so we’re hoping to grow our own produce come spring/summer; and you best believe I’ll be blogging up a storm about that process!

Here’s me and my rat tail writing down all the yummy meals we can have for Bfast, Lunch and Dinner!
Honestly, I’m very new to this budget buying and pre-made freezer meals dealio, but this is what’s been working for me/us. I’ve tried to read all of those other blogs that give tips about buying on a budget and meals for families, but there’s no recent material and most of it is from the states so the prices are extremely inaccurate.

Wish me luck on my new food lifestyle adventure, and hopefully I don’t bite Michael’s fingers off in the process! GO FOOD!

P.S. As I wrote this, I was polishing off a Wendy’s frosty…. Everything in moderation 😉

P.P.S I’m extremely open to tips and tricks– especially ways to hold myself accountable!