In a world where we are so glued to our phones and our perception of ourselves, it is astonishingly refreshing to have someone genuinely care about you. 

Seriously. When is the last time someone checked up on you after you complained about a sore back or a 3-day-long headache? When’s the last time you followed up with someone else? 

I find the times I feel most satisfied or happiest in any friendship or relationship is when I feel appreciated. Genuinely cared about. Because let’s face it, mindless conversation about other people just doesn’t cut it. And as much as I really don’t like talking about myself, it wouldn’t hurt to be asked. 

This topic popped up after I complained (so sue me, I like to complain sometimes. God I hate that word) at work about an excruciatingly sore shoulder. Not only did my assistant manager immediately make sure I was okay and continue to check up on me throughout the day… He made a point of coming to me the next day to ask me “how my wing” was doing. Wow. It’s a lot better, thank you so much for checking in

When people say “it’s the little things in life,” it really is the littlest things. Do your best to remember those details instead of divulging your own personal problems everytime you chat with someone. A great quote that has stuck with me for a long time is:

“A wise person knows there is something to be learned from everybody.” 

It couldn’t be more true. Maybe if we all just listened a little bit more we would get that in return. We would feel appreciated. And we would be gracious of that one extra person going that one extra mile. It’s really not something we should have to ask for… If a person is in your life, they should probably care about you. If they don’t, excuse my language, but why the eff are you letting them take advantage of your beautiful soul? If someone shows their appreciation for you, the least you could do is give a little in return. 

Ps. The feature pic is one of me and Michael from one of our adventures we took yesterday exploring more of Kelowna. He has been my solid rock these last couple of days and the biggest emotional support I could ever ask for. So, thanks for caring my sweet love. Xo