I figured this timing was rather fitting given the #BellLetsTalk day and stigma around mental health (which is slowly being broken down and there are many people to thank for this) and the recent Women’s Marches and protests going on around the globe. I feel slightly sheltered as I see photos of the masses- men, women and children- marching, fighting and speaking out for our rights as I sit at home decently content with the way I’m treated in the work place, at home and within my family. I say decently because there is always room for improvement. But, there seems to be a lack of push for me to actively make a change. It’s not that I don’t think about it or tell myself I should be doing something more, I just lack the drive in that particular area. So yes, I feel sheltered, guilty, I’m not doing more.

I never had to fight for much…

I don’t blame anyone for this. It’s how most of my generation is. We get what we want without much effort. This is a blanket statement– don’t take offence if you’ve had to work hard for everything all your life. I’ve worked hard too! But I do expect certain things (entitled) and I do think things come rather easily to me (arrogant). It’s only recently I’m discovering the things coming so easily… don’t satisfy me. They don’t mean as much as the things I’ve fought for, the things I’ve bled, sweat and cried for. My grades, for example, I’m fortunate enough to have glided my way through elementary, junior high and high school (except Math 30… Sorry Ms. Wong). So the fact that I got a scholarship for my grades in high school….. Ehhhh… I am GRATEFUL, don’t get me wrong. and I am THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE. But the value and the meaning isn’t really there. My post secondary education, however. I think I literally shed blood, sweat and tears over. I spent thousands upon thousands of my own dollars on it (well, I spent the government’s money and I will now be paying it back for the rest of my life, so if you’d like to donate to my student loan debt, let me know). I fought for those grades and a lot of the projects I put my heart and soul into. It means something to me to know I accomplished it. I’m 20 years old and have a college diploma.

Who’s fault is it?

Who are we blaming when we say this generation is weak. This generation is lazy. This generation is entitled. This generation doesn’t work hard. And on. And on. And on. Is it anyone’s fault? Is it our parents fault for raising us too mild? Is it our government’s fault for being too politically correct? Is it society’s fault for falling short in some way, shape or form? Because when we are consistently blamed for things and told we’ll never understand…. I’d like to know why. I’d like to be given a reason as to why we’re not good enough and why we weren’t given the chance to be. We are a product of our environment (I believe) so how is it our fault, our youth’s fault, when we are being shaped by the people surrounding us. And for all of those blamers, who are now reading this and still stuck in their narrow-mindedness of blaming… OPEN. YOUR. MIND. Maybe, just maybe, it’s no ones fault! Can you pin point “where it all went wrong?” No. Because it didn’t “go wrong” it changed. 

The power of change…

We are an ever-growing, rapidly changing society. We hop from one thing to the next to the next. We have no attention span anymore and we’re keeping up with 75 different things at once. Tell me why this is a bad thing. I think the reason these blamers think something is going wrong is because there’s been a change. Whether subtle or drastic, society has absolutely changed. The way some people raise their kids has absolutely changed. It has changed. Not faultered. Not fucked up. The problem is, we associate change with negativity. I know up until recently I HATED change. Or so I thought. I always thought it was negatively affecting me. Change was out to get me! Yeah, it’s not. I now believe it’s there to develop you, bring you challenges and provide you with valuable experiences. As many, many people often say-embrace the change. 

How will you react to change?

It’s all around us. It’s constantly affecting us. So how are you going to deal with it? The funny thing about change is, it has no mercy and it doesn’t like to rewind. So once it’s done, it’s done. Like, ya know, the situation going on to the south of us. I’m not condoning anyone here. But things changed. It happened. So what are you going to do? Many women, men and children decided to band together and march for their rights. Many people decided to sit at home behind their cellphones and tweet shameless and disturbing things to celebrities, the media and individuals. Who do you think felt better about their actions? The people who got off their butts, worked for it, fought for it and put their sweat and tears into their actions? Or the people who easily got a reaction out of the internet? I’m just saying. If you want something to mean something, do something about it.