What was supposed to be last week’s blog turned into somewhat of a rant about Our Generation… So let’s return to my initial train of thought.

To The Women Who Raised Me

You’re beautiful. I could end it right there and be somewhat satisfied, because it’s late and my eyes are closing. But it’s so not enough to describe the extraordinary women who have come in and out of my life. I’m going to just stick with the people I know or else this blog would be called The Women Who Inspire Me. Not that the women who raised me don’t also inspire me. But my God this would turn into a novel. REAL FUCKIN QUICK. Which hopefully some day it does. BUT IN THE MEAN TIME. Women. Who Raised Me. You’re outstanding, you’re inspirational, you’re bright and beautiful.

I am a strong, independent woman!

Hear me roar! But seriously.

I value myself, my thoughts, my relationships, my successes. I believe I am worthy. You know why? Because the women (and men, but we’re not talking about them right now) in my life showed me I was worth it. They didn’t put up with shit! They’re courageous and strong. Technically I am an adult, so I’ve gone from being raised to essentially being inspired. These women range from my family members to my friends to my teachers to my co-workers. My motto is, “there is something to be learned from everybody.” And if you opened your eyes and mind for just one second, you’d see that it’s true! I believe every person is in your life for a reason and I believe in fate. I believe if an individual is no longer allowing you to learn and grow they should no longer have the privilege of being around you.

My mom:

As read in my previous blog An Open Letter to My Mom, you know my mom is my life and I owe her everything. She taught me to be brave, to care, to be loyal and to laugh at myself. More can be read about this beautiful soul in my blog hyperlinked above.

My sisters:

Where do I even begin. My sisters. So far, they’ve taught me to do what makes me happy. They’ve shown me how I deserve to be treated. They’ve made sure I’m healthy, happy and looked after. They taught me to stand my ground, stand up for what I believe in and to not let fear get in my way.

My grandmas:

UGH! My grandmas!!!!!! They taught me strength, loyalty and true love. They continue to teach me selflessness and thoughtfulness. I am so incredibly lucky to have grown up with both sets of grandparents.

My aunties:

They taught me that I can do whatever I want. They taught me the importance of family. The importance of humility. And the importance of being accepted. They’re secretly my best friends and I only hope I can be half the auntie they all are to my nieces and someday nephews.

My girlfriends:

They’re my rocks. They teach me so much more than they’ll ever know. Appreciation, strength, trustworthiness, honour, companionship. They’ve taught me to always be there for someone no matter what. They’ve taught me being silly is NEVER a bad thing. They’ve taught me I’m worthy and deserving. I love them!!!!!!!!

My teachers/ instructors:

They’ve taught me equality. They’ve paved the way for many women today. They’ve pushed boundaries and torn down walls. They’ve shown me there’s strength in vulnerability. They’ve guided me on my own, unique path and helped me understand it’s OK to follow the road less traveled.

I could go on, and on about the strength and brilliance of many women in my life. The many women I’m so SO lucky to have encountered. Whether they’re still in my lives or not, I am grateful for everything they’ve shared and continue to put their knowledge to the test. So thank you, women. You’re the heart and soul of my every movement.