In case you missed that reference, the title of this blog is a quote from School of Rock. Haven’t watched it? Get off this page.

I’ve been diving head first into this affiliate marketing program. I told you guys I would test the waters for you, and I have been. Watching all the videos, following all the steps very carefully and now, what you’ve been waiting for….. MORE VAGUE INFORMATION!

Steps 3 & 4 follow similar suit to the beginning steps, although they make it a bit more clear that you will actually have to invest yourself into this project and put effort into yourSELF. I’m all about personal development, so these steps were actually quite interesting to me. And by golly, I think I might be starting to get it!


That all sounded very Hitler to me, but hey! Who am I to judge?! THINK LIKE A BUSINESS OWNER. LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR. Stop thinking like an employee! You won’t get anywhere with that attitude! Think for yourself, for what’s going to benefit you! Surround yourself with ONLY successful people, not people who are going to fill you with doubts and negativity! Okay, that’s actually something I strongly agree with. I mean, you can still be friends with people who aren’t millionaires, but if they’re constantly dragging you down and questioning everything you’re doing- why do they get to be in your life? And I say get, because it’s a fucking privilege to know/be friends with someone. Anyways, they mention a couple books I should read, “Cashflow Quadrant,” and “The 4-Hour Work Week.” (So, I’ll go to my favourite second-hand book store and pick them up)
Next they compare rich people to poor people and the different mindsets they have… Didn’t totally love that, but sure, they definitely have different mindsets. I mean one is focusing on feeding their family and one has an assistant to book their 3 Michelin Star dinner. That’s not really what they were getting at, more of a rich people want to promote themselves and sell and look for opportunities while the poor and middle class fear FEAR itself and want to keep things safe in the bubble society has laid out for them. I get that. I was that middle class (lol, I mean poor, very poor) mindset only months ago before I realized opportunity isn’t going to just find me. Anyways, then there are some points they learned from millionaires and finally my assignment- read those books and CALL YOUR COACH!

*I’ve been trying to contact my coach, I had a Skype appointment, but couldn’t find their info etc etc. It’s been an ongoing battle. But! My mentor is great and she is very helpful and responsive.


Okay, what? Often, they’ll compare this program to a franchise, but then adamantly declare BUT IT IS NOT A FRANCHISE. It just has similar working parts, a successful business model, teamwork, consistency etc. Apparently, less than 20% of new businesses survive after 3 years. YOIKES. Not really what I want to hear! But that’s just if it’s solely you, working your way from the ground up. Not me within this program, because that’s like a franchise and it works… You get the picture. Anyways, this step’s assignment is to notice the small businesses around you- are they efficient, how much do they have to work? Are they tied to their desk? And so on, and so forth. And to an extent, it’s true! And through watching some more videos from other members within the company, it’s true! You give up some of your passions to work that 9-5 work week, that traditionalist, society-proven job. So those aspects, I relate to. it’s just a matter of how much will I really have to spend and how much work do I really have to do to make this a viable business? Hang tight for the next steps and see if I decide to push through or if my $1 and countless hours have been wasted.

Editors note: After a good chat with my mentor, more has been discovered. This program and business model really relies on that mindset. It’s not just a program that you click a button and the gears move and the money is made. You put your heart and soul into this because this is the rest of your life. This is your training, your college education. This is the long term. Now it’s starting to make a bit more sense.