I get absolutely debilitating migraines, I have for years. So does my sister, my mom, my grandma, my dad and so on. Cute genes guys, thanks. 

I was at an interview a couple months ago and the topic got brought up. The interviewer said she gets horrible migraines and so does her daughter and the weather really affects them. That’s what I usually attribute mine to too. BUT, she had a solution. She gives herself injections and says she’s never felt better. 

I never did anything about them before, because as per everything else, I thought they were normal. I thought it was just something people dealt with! I was surrounded by humans suffering through these black out, head-smashing migraines; I didn’t really realize it was an isolated issue. 

Everyone gets headaches I thought, and I still kind of think that. But the more I’ve looked into figuring this whole thing out, the more I’ve realized there’s people who have never had a migraine or headache in their entire life! 

Since my boyfriend is the one who generally has to deal with me in the fetal position squishing my head to make the pain stop, the topic gets brought up rather frequently. 

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had a headache,” he tells me. 

“If you had a headache- you’d know,” I roll my eyes. 

“Guess I’ve never had one then.” 

I’m puzzled, perplexed. Your brain has never felt like it was trying to escape your head? Your skull has never felt like it’s cracking apart in a million different places? It’s hard to explain. Those metaphors don’t really do it justice. The migraine that is. The pain is so hard to explain because you can’t see it. You can’t relate until you’ve felt the absolutely crushing and pulsing (at the same time) that your brain is forcing you to sit through. 

I’ve been to the doctor before, “take an Advil, sit in a dark room, put a cold cloth on your head.” Yeah thanks, but my brain is literally trying to escape right now so I don’t think a fucking face cloth is going to do the trick. I’ve started paying more attention to them, when do they occur, how often, where is the pain located. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation besides the fact that I always get them before/during/after my period. So. A lot. And even then, they still happen throughout the month. They usually happen in the evening, they target the left side of my brain for sure, but as far as foods or daily activities go– I’m still logging them to find an answer. (Do this if you’re not already!!!! Keep a journal of food and daily events, especially on days with migraines/headaches) 

A couple days ago I had the worst one I’ve ever had. Black out, nauseous, wanting to bawl my eyes out but knowing it would only make things worse. So in the spirit of trying new things- and trying things out for YOU… I stumbled across a post about the daith piercing. A little piercing on the inner most cartilage in your ear that supposedly instantly cures (and it’s cute). The thought, while there’s no real evidence, is that it simulates acupuncture. I hate the thought of piercing anything else on my body. It was fricken hell when I got my earlobes pierced when I was 7. Yeah I was probably being a baby, but I’m still a fricken baby!!!! But then again, I also hate the thought of these migraines only getting worse. SO! Daith piercing time it is.

You can follow along on my snapchat: @lilbeccs while I get the piercing done and check the blog later this week for my write up on the whole experience!! Wish me luck– and send chocolate!!!