When I started this process I was 100% programmed and truly believed all of this online marketing stuff was a scam. How. Can. It. Be True. And well, I don’t REALLY personally know yet if it is true! But there can’t be this many people just bold faced lying to us.. can there? Steps 3 & 4 were big into mindset. The next couple steps- and the last in the $1, 14-day trial dive into the true business model and licensing the products. They make you sign a non-disclosure agreement after step five, so there’s not a ton of knowledge I can impart on you. But here it goes:


It’s a hard thing to grasp, this online marketing thing. You would think my rather tech-savvyness would somewhat lead the way and I would catch on right away, but perhaps I’m not as bright as I think! It’s all about the big.ticket.items. Great, you sign someone up for a simple product, but now you need to get them to come back and buy further into the program and into the products. It’s not a scheme, it’s not a con, it’s really fucking good sales people. They lay out exactly what’s going to be in this package, it’s up to you whether you want to buy into it. They make it sound so good, I hope I can make it sound that good! People search the internet for things they desire, things they want, things they NEED. Who just googles to google? No one. They’re searching for someone, something, someplace. Be. That. Place. Be that THING. Be that person.


I don’t totally know how much or what kind of info I can splurge after signing a NDA so I’m going to keep it vague and brief- that is the name of the game after all! The company has 48 products that you could be earning up to 60% commissions on. But YOU yourself have to have gone through said stages and programs before you can a) license them b) sell them c) get commissions on them. Yeah, you’re feeding the cycle. But it also makes 100% sense. Have you ever tried selling something you don’t believe in or you’ve never tried? Tough sell. You can tell people who are passionate about things and you often want to lean more towards them when you’re thinking about making a big change or making a purchase. Just the other day I was at the mall with my boyfriend and there was a car display outside of the store I was browsing so naturally he stuck outside. When I was done shopping and came out, I swear he was minutes away from purchasing an SUV. Yeah, he’s relatively easily persuaded. But he said himself, that guy was passionate, he loved that brand, he sold the shit out of that brand. Could he turn around and sell say, BMW? Probably not. He lived and died by that brand. And GOOD. You SHOULD. If that’s the company you’re going to put your name and credibility on the line for, it should be a company you’re passionate about.

Which is why I’m forging on

This is an investment in me. This is training. Schooling. Mentorship. My future. Something for the first time in a long time that I’ve been truly passionate about. I could wake up every morning, free from anxiety and feel good about starting my day- when I want I may add. This is the long term, the business plan. Instead of spending my hard earned money on junk food and other people’s happiness, maybe just maybe it should be going towards me. I’m betting on myself. And I feel fucking good about it. Love me, hate me, support me, disown me; either way, totally follow my journey because I think it’s going to be interesting as HELL and I’d love you along for the ride! Stay tuned for steps 7 and 8– I’m unlocking my future just a few baby steps at a time. Xx