Hair stylists cringe. Be wary! For I probably messed this whole process up and you’re hating me for spreading the word about this awesome new product…

One of the perks of where I work is getting a lot of necessities on the cheap. Even better, our manager does a training when new products come in so I actually know what to recommend to people and use for myself.

I`m going to preface this whole post by saying:

I`ve never dyed my hair before in my 20 years of life.

It`s not that I`m terrified it won`t turn out or anything like that. I just have never had the desire, nor the spare  $200+ to have it done properly at the salon. SO when my manager said there would be a hair training for the throngs of new hair products we got, I was sold. Do you know how many people ask me questions about hair products and I just have to kind of shrug and nod because I have no idea what the true difference is between permanent and semi-permanent or all the levels. Another fun perk, we got a product for free for attending.

Loreal came out with some new trendy products- Color Rista, clearly targeting a specific demographic and they did well because I was drawn to it. The Ombre. I am fully aware this is a trend from pfft.. almost five years ago I want to say? But I’m just jumping on the hair dying train so SUE ME. I also got another fun colour to maybe put on the ends if I’m feeling brave after this bleaching. I already have to psych myself up for this okay so the purple won’t be coming right away. (That’ll be another blog 😉

Here goes!


See those McDon’s coupons in the background? 


Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. That’s not just my OCD speaking, open the package, make sure you have everything. R E A D the instructions. I missed the part where I was supposed to do a test strip, woops? Luckily it worked out, BUT THAT WON’T NECESSARILY BE THE CASE FOR EVERYONE SO do the test strip.

My instructions said to have dry, unshampooed hair. Perfect. My hair is always dry and not shampooed! I separated my hair, basically by leaving the bottom level out and clipping up the rest (NO METAL IF YOU’RE USING BLEACH). Mixed up all the stuff, according to the instructions, pulled on my gorgeous plastic gloves (I shouldn’t be sarcastic, these really saved my hands from being burned to death from chemicals), headed to the bathroom (I was mixing it all on the kitchen counter which I now realize was not the smartest place to mix together BLEACH products ha…haha….), enlisted Michael as my photographer and decided there was no turning back!

*Cover every inch of your body that could come in contact with the mixture. I almost missed the towel over the shoulders trick.

I separated my hair in the back and pulled it forward so I could see it all. Random inch strips at a time I pulled the bleach mixture through with this fancy brush provided in the box making sure my roots and everything was coated. The directions were also helpful in telling me where I should start the dye etc so it looked more natural and not so piecey or straight across.

Level by level, I pulled down my hair, coated it in bleach, had Michael double check it all and left ‘er in for I want to say 35 minutes… It’s very adamant that I should not leave it in longer than 45 minutes so I was constantly checking the time and wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Especially since I didn’t do the test piece. lol. But you can wipe a bit of the mixture off your hair and see if the colour is where you want it, so I did that couple times before I decided it was time to rinse!

Time to rinse…

Keep those fine-ass gloves on and run your head under some warm water. Wash that bleach out ya hair! They provide a stunning conditioner you’re supposed to empty half of the tube onto your hair. I learned in hair training that people loveeeee this conditioner and want it to be sold outside the dye boxes, but apparently, it doesn’t actually do anything if you’re not dying your hair. So settle down.

Anyways, here’s the final product! I’m super happy with it, decently impressed at how I did and can now say I’ve dyed my hair! Would I do my whole head by myself? Fuck no! 🙂 Would I do this again? Heck yeah! Will I be putting purple in? Stay tuned….