Do I have a green thumb? No. Do I know what a weed looks like? Yes. Alright! Let’s garden!

My boyfriend and I have a beautiful backyard and it’s one of the reasons we decided to rent this place! I would say there’s technically five gardens and lots of green space. So naturally, I thought, IMMA GARDEN THE SHIT OUTTA THIS PLACE. After yesterday’s FOUR HOUR weeding session, I’m thinking I’m just gonna half decently garden in some of the gardens …

Buy sturdy supplies… 

I thought it was my sheer strength that allowed me to bend the metal spade while digging around in the garden, but it’s likely just the fact that it was from Dollarama and cost $3. Luckily, it didn’t snap and I was able to just bend it back into place! So I mean, up to you on whether you want to spend more or less; I guess it depends on whether you know your own strength or not 😉

Proper fit vs. aesthetically pleasing… 

I like cute things. Especially if I’m going to be wearing these things. So my boyfriend picked me up a pair of gardening gloves, (from none other than… Dollarama- stop judging me, this place is great when you’re on a budget!) they’re adorable and have little bumble bees on them. Well you see, they were clearly for small, infant children as they only came up about halfway on my hand. I still wore them! Beauty is pain! But then all my fingers broke through the ends of them and well- that was the end of them! We also bought this giant pack of gloves from Wal-Mart, but they’re too large for me and have caused quite the calluses! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the war wounds, but I wouldn’t recommend it to others


So I stress- find gloves that fit. Buy the gloves that fit! I’m not saying Dollarama won’t have ones that fit you, they just might not be cute and have bees on them…

I don’t wish weeding upon my worst enemy

I’m kicking myself for not taking before pictures. But FOUR HOURS. Is that real? Do I just suck at weeding? Gardening should be a fucking sport. We share the backyard with the upstairs tenants so for reference, here’s their garden unweeded on the right-hand side, versus ours on the left.


The picture doesn’t do it justice guys… I swear there’s no more weeds.

I also weeded this horrible rock pad that’s basically our patio. It has accumulated dirt all under it so weeds and other plants have been growing freely!



Those aren’t weeds! Whatever! Fight me!


Yesterday was honestly the perfect, beautiful day to do it though so I really can’t complain (even though I just did for several paragraphs) and it’s left me feeling much better about the process going forward! But I’m telling you, the roots on some of these weeds must go to fricken Mexico. There were also a couple ant hills and dozens of earthworms, but surprisingly I felt unharmed by the little creatures! You really just have to think… what are they going to do to you? Nothing. SO KEEP ON GARDENING BITCH.

Do you know what these are?

We’re not the first to garden back here, but it hasn’t been touched (as far as I’m concerned) in quite some time. So for anyone plant/weed savvy– what are these?! Do I pull ’em or leave ’em?!

Let’s refer to the picture on the right as #1 and the pic on the left (I’m talking about the lighter coloured ‘bush’ in the back of the pic) as #2.

Today the grass and flowers I planted (from Dollarama) are getting the much-needed rain they deserve! Make sure you follow the blog for more tips from the garden– and I’ll be needing help to decide what to plant next!! For now, get out there and enjoy nature!


My flowers are under there!