Get your rattiest clothes on and the mop buckets out, because it’s Spring baby and that means it’s time for a full top-to-bottom clean! (For you and your house… but mostly your closet)

Okay so I haven’t gotten much further than cleaning out my closet, but hey, that’s step one. I figure it’s time to shed some weight in the clothes department and give away some garments to those in need! As well as selling some because well, momma likes her money. I’ve been holding onto some of the shirts, pants and bikins for years. Why? Because I always say to myself oh I’ll fit into that someday or I’ll have lost enough weight by summer for those shorts. Enough is enough! It’s the same old battle over and over again and it’s certainly not helping anyone. I’m basically dwelling on the past, hanging onto CLOTHES for gosh sakes because I’m clearly unhappy with this ‘ol bod of mine.

When I lose the weight I want to (and it’s not really about that- it’s about feeling comfy and healthy in my own skin) I want new clothes anyways! Why would I want to try and fit back into some ratty old tank top or blue jeans… They’ve been taking up space in my closet too damn long and yesterday I said buuubyyyyeee!

Since I’m detail-oriented and well, slightly OCD, I counted every item of clothing to let you know just how much I got rid of:

1 Pair of Sweat Pants
1 Pair of Dress Pants
1 Blazer
2 Pairs of Shorts
3 Pairs of Jeans
3 Bikini Tops
4 Dresses
4 PJ Bottoms
4 Long Sleeves/ Sweaters
7 T-Shirts
8 PJ Tops
9 Bathing Suit Bottoms
11 Tank Tops.


Can you even believe it! I actually feel a tiny weight lifted and I think you’ll feel the same… Let me know what you were able to get rid of!!