I woke up this morning in such a rut. I’m sick for the fifth or sixth day, my head feels like it could explode at any minute and my nose is draining like a faucet- sorry for the TMI. I had nearly committed to staying in bed forever. As the to-do list piled up and the anxiety crept over me, I made a split second decision to pop out of bed and turn this day around.

The little voice is a bitch 

I’ll come right out and say it. That voice in my head. My god is she rude. She doubts me. She belittles me. She discourages me. She used to be really loud, I couldn’t get rid of her. But over the months and weeks, I’ve slowly been able to turn the dial down on her nagging voice. (Sidenote: is the voice inside my head what I sound like to my boyfriend..? I’ll return to that later)

I joined a company called Digital Altitude as you probably know from my blogs earlier, and they have helped me overcome- in a very short period of time- a lot of obstacles I had set up for myself inside my mind. One of the team members posted a poll on Facebook today and the question reads, “Are you having a good day today?”

My initial thought when I woke up in a daze from NyQuil was hell no, I feel disgusting, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything and I feel like I’m only setting myself back. But! That wasn’t an option. The two options were:



“I am now because I’ve just made a DECISION to make today great!”

At first I sort of skimmed over it. I can’t pick either of those I thought, I’m not having a good day and I’ve made my decision to stay in bed. But the funny thing about decisions is… you can change them all you want! So I scrolled back up and thought I’m going to make today great.

I got up, did the dishes, did my laundry, ate breakfast, had a shower, got dressed (in something other than pyjamas) and worked on my website/ blog. Then I revisited the poll and clicked…

I am now because I’ve just made a DECISION to make today great!

It doesn’t take much. It doesn’t even take me getting out of the house, but I will not and am not letting this cold get the best of me. I will not let the voice inside my head drive me back to my bed. I am so much more than the bitch in my head. So THERE. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, anxiety! 

P.s. Thanks Kelsey for helping turn my day around!