*disclosure: this is about last night’s Oilers game, if you’re here to be rude get he hell out :)*

The last five minutes wained down faster than time has ever gone before. I had to get up and walk around. I couldn’t take it. Every heightened sound from the TV I turned with cat-like reflexes. Nothing. The horn went and the Oilers lost.

I wasn’t even mad. Two games ago, I was mad. I was angry. I was a disgruntled fan. But tonight was different. It was like we finally got to close a chapter we’ve been waiting for for so long. I watched the post game handshakes. It was meaningful. It was congratulatory. It was a “I know how you feel, but you’ll get there eventually.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying 

Michael asked me how sports could make me so upset.

“They played a great series,” he said.

“It’s not about that.”

I know they did. I know they battled. I know we haven’t been to playoffs in a decade. I know because I’ve been there. Every single step of the way. Here’s why it was emotional:

We just went further than we’ve ever gone in TEN years. That’s half of my life.

“We just got a college degree in a month.” – Todd McLellan

If we told you we would have taken the Ducks 7 in the second series in September, I don’t think anyone would have believed us for a second” – Connor McDavid

No, no one would’ve believe it. I didn’t believe it that’s for sure. Even when we were clinched I didn’t believe it. That’s why it cuts a little deeper. This magic thing called hope. This glimmer we’d been grasping onto for so long was finally in our favour. Hope. Funnily enough, if we would’ve lost first round it wouldn’t have been as disappointing. But we went further than we ever thought so the fall is even harder.

Our fans are the best

When I went on social media I expected to see a shit storm of band wagon fans dissing the Oilers. I was over the moon to see people saying “they fought hard” or “we’ll be back” or “what a time to be alive” … No one was mad. Because we got our hope back. That glimmer is now completely tangible. Like McDavid said… “We believe in this group. We’ll be back.”