I said I’d be the try gal for ya, and here I am! This week I’m trying the hot product it seems like everyone is becoming a distributor for… LipSense!

Maybe it just feels like everyone’s trying it because I’m so close to it- my sister just started selling- but anytime I bring it up people know exactly what I’m talking about! WELL I won a contest for some free products so here’s my review:


No word of a lie, this stuff sticks on you like its life depends on it. Maybe stick isn’t the right word though because it’s not sticky or cakey. It goes on super smooth and you forget you’re even wearing it. Which takes a lot for me to say because I am crazy self-conscious about stuff being on my face/ makeup coming off. The great part about that is a) you don’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day and b) you don’t have to worry about half of it being gone after you eat a meal or kiss your significant other.

Speaking of significant other… 

I tried to make Michael put on just a little swatch because it’s quite alcohol-y initially and he didn’t believe me. Don’t worry- the sensation and any smell instantly fade, but definitely a heads up the first time you put it on! But I managed to get a little swatch on his hand which he could NOT get off. He scrubbed it senseless with water and a cloth- nadaaaa! Luckily they have the Oops Remover that takes it off honestly seamlessly! You need a cloth or tissue to wipe the residue off, but other than that you’re set. Plus as soon as I put it on, Michael gave a huge thumbs up and even kissed me with it on! (He’ll never do that when I wear even lip BALM!)

The one downfall 

The only thing it couldn’t withstand was a meal of McDonald’s. This probably isn’t a problem for a lot of people. And I imagine the grease + salt was just too much and broke through the lip barrier. This is understandable! But I did eat an entire regular meal/snacks with it on the other night and it absolutely did not come off.

Let’s talk pricing… 

The Colours are $30
The Gloss is $25
The Remover is $12.

For your first purchase, you are required to get the starter kit which is those three items for a total of $67.

They have tons and tons of colours (34+) and glosses (11) you could easily substitute whatever you usually wear for probably half the price with LipSense. I imagine the bottle lasts WAY longer than a normal lipstick because all you do is apply it once and you’re set for the day. The moisturizing gloss is sooo nice whether it’s on top of the colour or just by itself- your lips feel like pillows!! And the remover doesn’t taste bad or smell or anything.

Full Disclosure, I’m not getting any sort of profit from this I’m just merely trying to inform the general public of a great product!!

But of course, I would love if you purchased from my sister (cuz that’s just what sissy’s do) and you can do that by connecting with her on her FaceBook page, either click the hyperlink or search for Kris’s Kisses! If you don’t have FB, comment below and I’ll let you know how to get ahold of her 🙂 Happy make-upping!