Here I am, putting another product on my face in hopes of a good outcome… Man, I must be lucky or something because second time’s a charm! Glam Glow is a company that has created tons of different facial masks and products. Their quick rise to fame has made them a hot topic for beauty experts and well, anyone who shops at Sephora.

My sister brought a few different kinds to our girls trip this weekend- and I simply couldn’t resist the beautiful purple packaging of the GravityMud!


I’ve tried a few face masks in my day, I’ve never really noticed much happening. It’s just sort of a fun thing to do with your friends or on a day off. But as soon as I peeled this baby off- basically in one easy sheet (that never happens with peel-off masks), I felt radiating! I got compliments about my skin being soft, my normally bumpy forehead was not so bumpy… My sister commented on how my face looked so long, skinny, and firm in pictures. What a great result!

The GravityMud Firming Treatment

So basically you brush this SILVER (yeah, you get to be the tin man) putty-like ‘goop’ onto your face.

Photo 2017-05-28, 2 57 55 PM

The package comes with a whole tub of the product so you definitely have enough for more than just once, and it also comes with its own brush. Make sure to brush on a little bit thicker of a layer just so it’s easier to peel, but don’t gob it on. It does burn just a little bit, but I mean there’s chemicals in there and your face isn’t perfect. But it wasn’t uncomfortable for me. One of my sisters did feel slightly uncomfortable with the burning sensation but did manage to keep it on for the allotted time (20-30 minutes). It will slowly dry so it’s not so sticky for the peeling off. With other face masks I’ve tried, when they start to dry, my face feels extremely dry and flakey. Honestly, I didn’t even feel a thing with this one. Photo 2017-05-28, 5 28 52 PM

Then came the fun part– peel off time!!

Did you see how easily that came off!? It was super simple and had no problem peeling right off. Obviously, there are some little pieces left over- mainly in my hairs- that came off simply with a warm wash cloth. Then I put on some moisturizer and I felt well, totally GLAM!

Photo 2017-05-28, 3 33 32 PM

This mask gets 10/10 tin men!! It was easy to use, super fun, SILVER, SPARKLY and came off easier than anything else and had basically instant results!!

Photo 2017-05-28, 10 44 55 PM

Have you tried GlamGlow products!? Let me know what you think or what you want me to try next… And no, it doesn’t have to be a product to put on my face lol.