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I Dyed My Own Hair!

"Why did you bleach your hair the first time you dyed it!??!" Because I wanted to. And this process is so easy... You just may want to, too!

Rooting for the Home Team

You grew up watching them. You lost games with them. You won games with them. They finally have a shot- and it feels like you do too. My 20-year love affair with the home team.

I’m Really Gonna Do This

What are we in this for, if not ourselves? It's time to get real selfish and real honest with what we want out of life. It's time to bet on yourself.

I’m doing WHAT for my migraines?! 

After the worst migraine of my life (and that's saying a lot) I've decided it's time to take action. See what I'm doing to help relieve the pain, and follow along to see if it truly does work!

All I Need Are Minds for Molding

The more I force myself to actually try this program out, the more I get it. It's so easy to judge as an outsider, which is what I do best! But I'm really trying to curb that habit, so trying these trends out is hopefully making you think twice about your uneducated opinion!

So, WTF is affiliate marketing?

I've always been a skeptic, and chances are many other people are too. So why not use this platform to either promote or expose the truth behind affiliate or online marketing.

I’m Going To Be So Productive Tomorrow!

I'm so good at telling myself the day before about how productive I'll be tomorrow... So good in fact, I make detailed plans and then tomorrow morning comes and I forget my bravery somewhere.

The Truth Behind the Candid…

I'm not saying every picture is like this, not even a little bit. But I'm recalling my actions of a certain photo that may hold more truth than I intended.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

What are you supposed to feel when you do a "good deed"? Satisfaction? Gratitude? I feel like I haven't done enough...

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