Girl, Get Your Glam Glow On!

Oh good, I'm putting more random things on my face to see if it's worth other people's time and money. This one may have just been worth it though... Check out what I have to say about GlamGlow!


Been There Tried That: LipSense

I said I'd be the try gal for ya, and here I am! This week I'm trying the hot product it seems like everyone is becoming a distributor for... LipSense! Maybe it just feels like everyone's trying it because I'm... Continue Reading →

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

*disclosure: this is about last night's Oilers game, if you're here to be rude get he hell out :)* The last five minutes wained down faster than time has ever gone before. I had to get up and walk around.... Continue Reading →

Are You Having a Good Day Today?

I woke up this morning in such a rut. I'm sick for the fifth or sixth day, my head feels like it could explode at any minute and my nose is draining like a faucet- sorry for the TMI. I... Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning!

It's funny how pulling a few items of clothing out of your closet can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders... I love spring cleaning!

Gardening 101 

I was adamant on gardening in our beautiful backyard this spring/summer! What's the point in having all this space if not to use it? I'm now wondering if I should retract that statement... Because two pairs of gloves, two spades and four hours in... These weeds are wreaking havoc on my sanity.

I Dyed My Own Hair!

"Why did you bleach your hair the first time you dyed it!??!" Because I wanted to. And this process is so easy... You just may want to, too!

Rooting for the Home Team

You grew up watching them. You lost games with them. You won games with them. They finally have a shot- and it feels like you do too. My 20-year love affair with the home team.

I’m Really Gonna Do This

What are we in this for, if not ourselves? It's time to get real selfish and real honest with what we want out of life. It's time to bet on yourself.

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