Another free day!  What on earth am I supposed to do with all this free time!  Luckily I’m in Laos, so I could lay around all day and still be doing something cooler than most people #blessed. Amiright? 

Katie and I decided to get some street food this morning, and by that I mean they make this folded up, deep fried pancake with whatever you want in/on it. Who doesn’t want that? 


 Technically we’re not supposed to bring it into the Friends bar, but we wanted to watch Friends dammit so we sneakily ate it under the table and ordered BANANA (Sally!!) smoothies!  After watching probably too much TV and catching up on social media, we decided to wander the streets to find costume pieces for our next themed affair. 

We’re going tubing tomorrow and decided to pick someone’s name from a hat and then we have to dress that person up…  Basically however we want, using whatever we want.  Since I’m a decent human being, I did not buy the worst/most humiliating costume pieces..  But I can’t say what I got, or s/he’ll know who dressed them!  Can’t wait to show pics tomorrow! 

It was hot, hot, hot today and didn’t rain at all so after walking around for a bit, we were ready to go back and lay down!  We spent the better part of our afternoon lazing around the bungalow, but I mean it’s a great view so how can you not!  Katie went out and did some more shopping- she is feeling immensely better by the way! She got some stronger antibiotics and is finally back to her normal energy! 

We decided to have another family dinner so we met up at 6:45 and headed to the Kangaroo Bar!  


 They surprised us with a traditional Baci ceremony where they had an elder from an surrounding village come and bless us and wish us safe and healthy travels! There was a Contiki tour that took part as well. It was beautiful and we got rope bracelets for some good luck and a shot of holy water (which is LaoLao and 50% alcohol, so yeah, I feel pretty blessed).  

We got our food (I got the famous BeerLao burger, and devoured it) then we played some beer pong, some people played Wii (yeah, the bar had a wii).   

We taught a group of Koreans how to play flip cup! Well.. We tried..   

Katie made a friend
Then at midnight when that bar closed, we went to the late night bar called Viva. 

  It’s like this decently sketchy hole in the wall that had some crazy ass dance music so we stayed for a bit and then a few of us were ready to head home! 

Well surprise, Julia was nowhere to be found so obviously we weren’t going to just leave her.  Luckily, Vang Vieng is like one street so we wandered around looking for her- nothing.  Went back to the guesthouse- nothing. Went back to the bar and she turned up, apparently just went to go get water.. BAD JULIA. I’m way too much of a mom, so when I can’t find one of my chickens I’m freaking out inside. 

Stay tuned for our tubing adventure tomorrow!